I don’t offer branding services to clients, but I love designing my own logos for personal projects. I was struggling to come up with ideas for Grid North, so for inspiration, I started listening to renowned graphic designer Michael Beirut talk about his work. One of his projects was to create a new identity for Saks Fifth Avenue, and the shopping bags were designed by chopping up the logo into 64 squares using an 8x8 grid.

New identity for Saks Fifth Avenue (designed by Pentagram) New identity for Saks Fifth Avenue (designed by Pentagram).

Following the same principle, I overlaid a 2x2 grid onto a symbol that represented north. This creates 4 variations of the Grid North logo that are all different, yet clearly connected.

Grid North logo variations Grid North logo variations.

On the web

Taking it one step further, how can I show these variations throughout the website? A talented developer friend of mine, Michael Koper, helped me implement a system where a random logo is shown when a page is loaded. To see this in action, simply refresh this page and watch the logo in the top left.

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Richard was a pleasure to work with. He guided me during the entire project asking all the right questions and providing valuable guidance throughout. It is a such relief to find someone whom I trust to give me the best possible advice to enhance the user experience right down to the smallest of details.
Laura Elizabeth Laura Elizabeth
Designer at Laurium